What our Consultants Say About ESG

I would like to thank you for all of the hard work, dedication and professionalism shown by you and your team. I have yet to have any consulting firm work so hard for me to get a position. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Please congratulate your recruiter for all her hard work in this matter. She has been nothing but perfect. Thank you all very much.

Matthew Wilkerson

A Huge Thank for your terrific job as a professional. It has not been ever before in my life so pleasant and convenient working with a recruiter.Your hard work to present me right, you willingness to communicate and explain, to calm down and encourage, generally speaking - to be of service, - all makes working with you an unforgettable experience !

Vladimir Rivkin

Sr.Architect, AIS

ESG is refreshing, due to its professionalism, and due diligence in making sure the candidate and client are the "Right" match. In a market flooded with "headhunters" trying to send as many candidates in order to fill job postings without regards to whether the right candidate is the best candidate for the position, it is refreshing to see someone who takes the time and makes the effort. From my initial contact with the ESG's Sr. Account Manager Lynsey Brennan, she worked with me to ensure that my qualifications were the best fit for the client and myself. She worked with me on expanding my credentials to determine if I had what the client was looking for. An example of this was when there was an opening for a very competitive senior management position with a major client of ESG, and Lynsey spent the time (hours) to make sure that I was the right fit.

Louis Valenzuela, PPM, PMP

Project Manager

I just wanted to express to you how helpful your assistance has been during the last few weeks while you worked to secure a contract with the Georgia Department of Human Resources for me to perform Database Administration work for them. Your understanding of the client and the process they follow to obtain contractual resources was invaluable as my resume was prepared and the submission process was completed. Your persistence with the client and constant communication with me enabled me to be comfortably aware of the status of the effort at all times. Your positive enthusiasm was of immense help during the times when there simply was no news to report. You repeatedly demonstrated a willingness to "go the extra mile" for both the client and myself in an effort to make the whole experience a win-win-win situation.

Your assistance prior to and during my January 7th trip to Atlanta for an in-person interview made that whole experience a very pleasant one. Your suggestions for my time in Atlanta were excellent. Your instructions regarding how to get to the downtown area from the airport, how to get to the Atlanta Underground and how to get to our meeting location were as precise as anyone could ask for and even I had absolutely no problems in finding anything.

Finally, I deeply appreciated you driving me to the airport after the interview to insure I made my flight without undue stress. I appreciated the extra time during the drive to discuss the interview and get your perspective on comments that were made. I also enjoyed the opportunity to simply get to know you a little bit better. Had I worked with you as an account manager/representative in my first experience as a consultant I likely would not have left the contractual field.

I hope this expresses at least a small amount of the appreciation I feel for you and your efforts. Thank you very, very much.

Larry Hubbard

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