3 Tips for Recruiting and Retaining Millennial Talent

Young professionals

Millennials have changed the face of recruiting and retaining. If you want to hire top millennial talent, you’ll have to know how to target the younger generation.

Ready to find, hire and retain younger recruits for your team?

Here are 3 tips for successful millennial recruitment and retainment.

1. Use Social Media

If you want to recruit young workers, social media is the prime location. Millions of people use social media each day.

Social media is used for more than just sharing pictures and chatting with friends. In fact, 86% of working people in their first 10 years of employment use social media to find a job.

This means that your company must be heavily involved in social media. When using social media, be sure to:

  • Have an active presence on popular platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Represent your company in a positive light
  • Be responsive to questions and concerns
  • Build relationships and network often

2. Provide Flexibility and Work-Life-Balance

Growing up with technology, millennials in particular understand that they no longer need to be in the office for the work that is required of them. With the demand for more flexible work, millennials want to work during the hours they are most productive. Not every employer is able to accommodate this kind of flexibility. However, working with your employees’ schedule can go a long way. Remote work opportunities and flexible working hours help recruit and retain top millennial talent. 

Especially during the year 2020, the pandemic forced a lot of employers to rethink flexible, remote work opportunities. Many employers even went a few steps further and offer perks for your work-at-home environment such as:

  • Offering sit/stand desks for the home office
  • Offering a voucher for exercise equipment to encourage physical activity

3. Use Existing Employees to Help with Recruitment

Who can better recruit millennials than a millennial? If you already have younger employees on your team, use them to your advantage!

No one matters networking as well as the younger generation. Ask your younger employees to help with company recruiting.

Encourage them to share news about your company. Ask them to spread the word of open positions within the organization. To make recruitment more interesting, offer recruitment incentives.

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